Known Issues

The following are known issues/bugs for the Asset Score Tool. If you find an error that is not listed please report it using the 'Help Desk' button located at The latest fixes and Tool updates are documented in the Release History.


  • Asset Score and TSPR buildings with T-Shaped blocks may generate an error when submitting
  • Simulating large buildings: Depending on their configuration and assets present, large buildings (e.g. over 1M sq ft), and high-rise buildings (e.g. greater than 30 floors) may either take several hours to simulate, or result in an "out of memory" error. Options for developing a solution are currently being explored.
  • Simulating buildings with multiple blocks representing a complex geometry configuration, particularly with T and H shaped blocks, may result in an error. Users are encouraged to simplify and consolidate building spaces and blocks as much as possible.
  • Asset Score buildings currently expect assembly components to be assigned to all roofs and floors, including interior surfaces. Options for preventing assigning components to adjacent roofs and floors are currently being explored.
  • The following HVAC systems are presently unsupported in Asset Score:
    • Multiple Zone Water Loop Heat Pump with Reheat
    • Multiple Zone CAV with Reheat
    • Boiler Plants controlled by Outdoor-air temperature