TSPR Release Notes

A summary of recent updates to the TSPR tool, including new features, capabilities and improvements are documented in the Release History below. 


Release 2023.1.0

New Features 

a. This includes adding example buildings for WSEC 2021

b. Multiple new inputs have been added for WSEC 2021 based on the revised code requirements. Including

i. Additional hot water loop configurations

ii. Plant loop minimum supply temperature and maximum supply temperature for WLHPs

iii. Additional inputs for modeling two speed fans: fraction flow at low speed and fraction power at low speed.

iv. Credit for proposed systems with >MERV13 filters. 

v. Supplemental heating type for heat pumps

a. HVAC System Performance tool previously would calculate a capacity weighted average chiller efficiency and model a single chiller in the OpenStudio model with the weighted average efficiency. This has been modified to model multiple chillers on a chilled water loop when the user specifies more than one chiller. A default chiller staging strategy is assumed and gives credit for a scenario when chillers are staged based on load. 

a. Input has been added for a user to specify part load chiller efficiency or IPLV. The tool uses Copper to calculate chiller performance curves based on the uswer specified part load performance, full load performance and other chiller characteristics. Additional details about the process are available here - https://joss.theoj.org/papers/10.21105/joss.04876.pdf

Bug Fixes 

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements  


Release 2021.2.0

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements and Fixes 


Release 2021.2.0

New Features – TSPR 

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements and Fixes 


Release 2021.1.0

New Features – TSPR 

Simulation Infrastructure Improvements and Fixes